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Dr. Carolina Gonzalez

TCM & Physiogenomics Expert


2019 was definitely a rough year for me. It coincided with my 42nd birthday. Definitely my midlife crisis had arrived. I was unwell physically for the first time. I was experiencing severe iron depletion. I had an iron infusion. This was followed by insomnia and overall just feeling tired, scared, burnt out, uninspired, resentful, and exhausted. I was questioning everything about my life. Although everything looked great on the outside, a successful business, a beautiful house, country property, established business, healthy family. I meditated, fasted, sought help from healers weekly. I could not come back to peace.

I started working with Cecile and Misha. The first call was pretty much me complaining about everything. (so sorry about this) Our calls were filled with attentive listening, enquiry, and clarification. I experienced being heard and being loved unconditionally without judgment. Cecile is wise, loving and a channel of what is true. I experienced every part of my being healed. My thoughts, my emotions, finances, my physical body, and relationships day by day. 

By the end of 8 weeks, I was able to experience my true essence again. Misha and Cecile healed me with their gifts. I now know that I am the cause of my life and I can have faith because everything always works out. I am back feeling loving, inspired, powerful, and in my kingdom. 

My soul is soaring and my heart is full of love and peace. I feel like, all that was blocking me has been healed. I am so excited about life. I am back to feeling bliss. It’s so delicious.

I recommend Cecile to everyone I meet. Especially, if you are feeling stuck, are feeling unwell, unhappy, or have lost your way. Although, I have healed that very low state. I also recommend to those who want to get to their next level of success. It’s like removing the car brakes. Life just flows. 


As I write this, I am sitting on a rooftop in LA. It’s a pinch-me moment as my heart is full of love and my soul is soaring with bliss and ecstasy. 

I am forever grateful for the priceless gift of working with Cecile & Misha.

Michael Bartura

Executive Success Coach


In 2019 I had taken a coaching journey with Cecile and Misha that lasted three months but was worth a lifetime of learning. 

Coaching with the Soul Doctors is not for the faint-hearted.  Over the year, I had the fortune of multiple inner journeys and many fabulous teachers.  There are plenty of good lessons and opportunities for deep learning. Bringing together many years of experience and a truly unusual breadth of self-reflective practices, the Soul Doctors model is unique, powerful and effective like few options for radical transformation can offer. 

Cecile and Misha is a very effective combination of astute insights into how the mind works and practical application for developing a mastery of practice.  That coupled with energy work which cleared some long seated blockages helped me to create a momentum for major shifts in my work, my relationships and even more profoundly - my mindset and how I approach everyday challenges and occasionally old-time difficulties. 

If you want to take a significant leap in your understanding of how to make resourceful decisions, connect with your purpose and develop a sustainable practice, you can do no better than seize the day and schedule an exploration call.

Andrew Lynn



Misha and Cecile are amazing people with unique gifts.


I went to see them because I had some recurring patterns in my life that were preventing me from living the life I wanted. Misha and Cecile found the cause for these patterns and 'removed' them.


Since the process I have felt a shift psychologically and physically that has enabled me to create the life I want for myself and my family. I would recommend working with them to anyone that wants help to fulfil their potential. Truly life-changing.

Aya Kongkarnka



I’m now living the life you taught me how ♡

Life is so beautiful...

Your words are everywhere in my head, my heart, out there and everywhere even in the sky...

Your love is so so so so big, it’s never-ending....

Thank you for being here ♡

You both saved my soul
Your beings changed my whole world view...

Thank you universe that I found you two.

The words will never be enough to describe how much I appreciate you and your beautiful family. 

My life was forever changed after I met you two... ♡

Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you
Love you so so so much.

Cole Velick

Entrepreneur, public speaker and singer / songwriter


Misha and Cécile are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healing and restoring balance in one's life. They have immersed themselves in so many healing modalities and they draw on their years of personal experience when working with others. Personally they have had a huge influence on my life. They are beautiful, generous souls who will amaze you with their wisdom and compassion. You will definitely walk away transformed.

Lavinia Brown



A wide range of skills in order to tackle emotional, physical or spiritual blocks' Misha is the real deal: a modern-day shaman. Not only is he super approachable, very wise and a great, empathetic listener he also seems to effortlessly heal what can be really deep-seated, core issues. He is able to call upon a wide range of skills in order to tackle emotional, physical or spiritual blocks and working alongside his psychic partner, Cécile, is able to clear and transform negative energy whether it is chakral, karmic, present day trauma or past-life related. I highly recommend them both as healers!

Maacha Joy LeBlanc

 Investment banker


Misha and Cécile are wise, compassionate, and gifted healers. Their work is transformative, loving, and profound. They helped me navigate a pivotal transition in my life in a conscious manner, which led to deeper clarity, growth, and balance. Their work has helped me live a more authentic, conscious, and joyous life.

Dr. Cindy Starke



I am a 49-year-old doctor, and I pride myself on optimally functioning organ systems-my fitness and my nutrition are at the forefront of my mind every day.

I took Cecile And Misha‘s course to obliterate some soul crushing shame and guilt I was carrying from mistakes I had made as far back as age 14, which was keeping me stuck and unable to move forward as I so wished to in my life.

Their work has released decades of cement and barbwire from around my Heart! My soul has literally been restored. I now have a fountain of love to shower on the world from here on out. Their course made me a better wife, more loving mom and more accepting sister and daughter!

It changed the way I see every thing and everyone in my life. I now accept people for who they are. I don’t take things so personally!

I feel so much more empowered to take on my life’s higher purpose after what this amazing couple taught me! I could not recommend them more highly!

Marie Jose Mentink

Group facilitator


I highly recommend Misha and Cecile for your healing journey' and/or to remove strange energies and entities. They are humble, respectful, knowledgeable, and work in a safe and loving way.

Recently coming back from East Timor, I felt like an empty shell, I slept days and days in a row, lost weight, and was not able to ground myself. Misha saw 16 lost souls who travelled with me from Timor and sent them to the Light. The next day already I had an appetite and my strength and energy came back. Thank you for this ‘quick fix’ and for all other help and support I received from both of you!

Salika Lamour

Property Developer 


Meeting Cécile and Misha is a healing experience in itself.


They are the kind of precious people whose presence makes you feel safe and at peace. On our first encounter, I simply knew that they were holding “knowledge beyond mind”.


Before my spiritual healing process with them, I had spent a few months dealing with negative and self-deprecating inner chatter that I attributed to a potential state of depression in disguise. I practiced meditation a lot and even found ways to laugh about it, yet it was exhausting and weighing me down.


During our sessions, Misha “scanned” my being while Cécile guided him using her clairvoyance and they immediately spotted the negative energy that I was carrying. We naturally started discussing the issue while Misha removed the unwelcome spirits and energy with a series of shamanic breathing techniques that made for a very powerful sonic background.


The combination of both our verbal sharing and the resonance of the spiritual clearing quickly made me feel brighter. We were then able to address the issue of a past abusive long term relationship and liberate me from the ancient soul contract that bound me energetically to my ex partner.


The process offered me a new clarity and freedom. I walked out feeling like I had finally left the pain behind. My mind is way gentler with me, under control and I am definitely clearer. The past is not haunting me anymore.


It’s not always easy to put words onto what is related to the “invisible” world, but basically this was the best “ghost busting” and life changing experience I’ve ever had.


You can totally trust Cécile and Misha to offer you a profound and durable uplift with genuine care.

J. Tyson Maynard

Dr of Chiropractic


I was struggling with making life changes.  I felt lost. There was a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I was again able to enjoy my daily life and activities in a way that I had long forgotten. 


I came into contact with Misha through the recommendation of a friend who had shared positive experiences regarding Misha.  I was struggling with making life changes that ultimately showed it to be very difficult for me that in the end left me feeling very frustrated to the point of losing hope in my own ability for self-improvement.  I felt lost.


Although I needed to make changes in my life for my own health and well being, it was almost impossible for me to begin.  My first discussion with Misha and Cécile was very difficult for me.  I had no idea where to begin.  They guided me to the right path of discussion and I felt quickly at ease. 


Through our talks, it became apparent to me that there were a number of energy disturbances that were possibly impeding my progress.  Misha was able to locate and neutralize these energy problems.  In the first day or two, I didn't notice much of a change, but after that, there was a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I was again able to enjoy my daily life and activities in a way that I had long forgotten. 


In our follow-up sessions, we talked about my experience.  Naturally, Misha and Cecile were happy to hear of my progress but continued to give me advice as to how I could further support my process and achieve my goals. 


I am lucky to have had the time with Misha and Cécile.  Due to their work and advice I have been able to overcome my struggles and progress in my journey of self improvement.  I am grateful. Tyson

Tara Cavigliogli

Artist and Mentor


I have known Misha and Cécile for four years. Whenever I have been going through hard times or my energy plummets Cécile's advice has always given upgrades, bringing evolutionary understanding for me to find myself in joy and lightness.


I have had several process as well as energetic support from Misha which are always very efficient and powerful while aligned and balanced. I feel very blessed to know them and to have learned some of their art of living through their kindness and knowledge. I can without any doubt recommend them from my experience.

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