Here are some issues we've helped clients with.

  • Nagging negative thinking / self talk  

  • Abandonment and rejection issues

  • Difficulty to move on from the past     

  • Fears, guilt, shame, worry and anxiety    

  • Self-sabotaging patterns

  • Relationship crisis

  • Overwhelm

  • Childhood trauma 

  • Lack of purpose 

  • Gave it all to your career and now you’re feeling disconnected and alienated from family

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Intergenerational issues 

  • Family business dynamics

  • Existential angst

  • Lack of self love

  • Self doubt 

  • Lack of alignment 

  • Personal boundaries

  • Past life trauma 

Here are some of the results they've experienced:

  • Staying centered, confident and clear on choices

  • Harmonious separation

  • Feeling a greater level of enjoyment

  • Finding your authentic self and what you’re truly here for

  • Becoming less materialistic and more spiritually connected

To most you look like you’ve reached all the earthly goals, some envy your life but deep down you know there is more to you.


You know you are not living your full potential, you are not expressing your true self you are holding back so much.


At times you feel like Tarzan between vines when he has let go of one and not yet reached the next one.


The status quo is beyond boring to you, you’ve been there, got the t-shirt and yet you can’t see what is next… you just know in your heart that something needs to change and that the old isn’t doing it for you anymore.


You may have done therapy, you’re meditating, you had mindset coaching, you might even have taken entheogens in the hope of getting healing and greater clarity yet you know you still aren’t there.

You’re living a full life and you know that for the answers and support you’re looking for to be sustainable they need to be multi-dimensional in that they need to address the emotional, physical, spiritual aspects of your being.


You realise that personal growth is a top priority. 


If this resonates and you recognise some of the issues listed above we have solutions to help you. 


Choose from the format you feel is most suited to your needs then reach out to Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson and let's see how the Soul Doctors can best support you at this stage in your life!

One on One 



Tailored 1 on 1 process that has been said by clients to have brought more results than 10 years of therapy and self-help. These deep shifts in understanding oneself, managing emotions, opening up spiritually, and fully aligning with purpose are positively and profoundly life-changing. People experience more success, more harmony in their relationships, letting go of negative self-talk, overall greater health, and wellbeing, living at a higher vibration and more.

  • Duration / Format:

    • 12 weeks of 1 on 1 sessions with Cécile and quantum energetic work/support with Misha.

    • Optional 4-day deep immersion with Misha and Cécile is included.

  • Value exchange:

    • Contact for details


The ultimate life transformation process for discrete individuals, covers an in-depth tailored and guided transformation experience for discrete individuals. 

  • Format includes:

    • Full life transformation. Expanding; spirituality, health, relationships, business, and more.

    • One on One mentor and quantum energy support.

    • Reality-changing, in-person retreats.

    • Individual and/or family (up to 5 immediate family members)

  • Value exchange:

    • Contact to apply for duration and value.



Supporting visionaries and world-changers.


For individuals calibrating at over 500 on the Dr.Hawkins scale of consciousness.


You will get help to manifest your most amazing timeline and expand your impact for the greater good at this incredible time of transition on our planet while raising your own vibration.


You will be guided and your results accelerated to bring about the deliberate creation of the goals you envision.

  • Duration / Format: 

    • A 12-month program (hybrid with 1 on 1 and group support) designed to help those who have stabilized above 500 play with and create their reality.

    • Includes weekly group coaching with individual support available plus consistent energetic frequency calibration and attunement.

    • Includes x 3 in-person deep immersion “mind-blowing” meditation retreats.

  • Value exchange:

    • Contact for details 


Gives a solid foundation and deep shift in understanding oneself, one's emotions, and one's connection to the whole. The implications are a better relationship to oneself, less negativity of mind, less anxiety, fear, negative self-talk, finding an alignment to one’s life purpose, as well as living at a higher vibration.

  • Format includes:

    • 12 Weeks including 12 Group sessions + 4 private sessions + 8 weeks online curriculum with quantum energy support.

    • Group coaching with Cécile + private calls with an appointed coach.

  • Value exchange:

    • Contact for details


Add On's


Designed to support the core decision-making/management team (family office members, core founders, C-Suite etc) to ensure the team, company/project, and vision are aligned and supported to the best possible outcomes.

  • Duration / Format: 

    • One-on-one coaching mentoring for a core team (C-Suite) for up to 5 people.

    • Group coaching is possible for key employees not in C-Suite, the company vibration, and strategy, as well as the broader vision, ensuring the health and vibrancy of the company as a whole.

    • Retreats possible.

  • Value exchange:

    • Tailored according to company requirements and goals.

    • Fee and success fee option is possible as a percentage of the value created.

    • Contact for details.


A life-changing, mind-bending, reality-expanding meditation experience with in-person quantum healing to clear traumas and blockages and help participants to become truth realized.

Accommodation and food are not included.

  • Format includes:

    • 4 days of life-changing experiences and supportive therapies to support the process.

    • Group (5 to 8 people max) and/or One on One.

  • Value exchange:​​

    • Contact for details


Helps children get the foundations of a magical life. Teaching them about their feelings, positivity, loving what is, handling difficult situations, being kind to oneself and others, discovering how powerful they are, nurturing a healthy relationship with themselves, and other tools they don’t teach at school and could prevent years of possible therapy in the future.

  • Duration / Format: 

    • 12 Group and 1 on 1 sessions

    • Includes a 6 weeks online program with 6 x weekly coaching calls of 45~55 minutes with a Soul Doctors coach followed by 6 x 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

  • Value exchange:
    • Contact for details




Ongoing support for those who have completed Evolutionary Shift. This is to anchor in and deepen the insights learned during the evolutionary shift process. There are situations that will likely come up that test your comprehension and application of the mental, emotional, and energetic tools and states you have experienced. The focus of these months can be either:

  • Continued personal advice and guidance, or

  • For those wishing to get to and stabilize above 500 on Dr. David Hawkins's scale of consciousness and join the Reality Creation Masterclass.

  • Duration / Format: 

    • Monthly extension includes both coaching and quantum energy work with Cécile and Misha.

  • Value exchange:

    • Contact for details


Ideal for those experiencing challenges and wishing to get through specific mental and emotional blockages that have come up and have yet to be integrated and released.

  • Format includes:

    • 12 x One on One sessions of 1 hour  (with an appointed Soul Doctor's coach).

  • Value exchange:​​

    • Contact for details


To take your life and business to the next level connect with us and see

if we resonate.