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Consulting for Businesses

For C-Suite and Family Offices

  • 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Tailored Process
  • Zoom/Skype & Remote/In person

Service Description

Supporting the core team to ensure the vision, strategy and vibration attain the best possible outcomes. Improving relationships (to self and others), health (mental and physical) and fostering deeper levels of understanding (team and clients). Aligning and enriching diverse visions, desires and expectations. Bringing balance, harmony and flow. Applying key meta-skills to bring; greater level of maturity, increased level of happiness, build deeper level of trust all directly impacting the health, vibrancy and performance of activities. Duration / Format: One-on-one coaching mentoring for a core team of up to 5 people. Group coaching is possible for key employees not in C-Suit. Retreats (Group and/or One on One) are possible. Value exchange: Tailored according to requirements and goals. Fee and success fee option is possible as a percentage of the value created. Contact for details. Contact Details Light Ventures LLC 680 S Cache Street, Suite 100 Box 7414, Jackson, WY 83001

Contact Details

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