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Trust In Yourself

4 Reasons You’d be Better off Avoiding to Call In Angels and “Higher Beings”

The concept of invoking “higher beings” is quite popular these days. Though the practice has been around for millennia in different religious and spiritual contexts, it has recently become more widespread, especially in spiritual communities and “New Age” circles.

More and more people are calling in beings from other dimensions, whether they be aliens, ancestors, angels, deities, ascended masters, or other entities. This can come in the form of arcane rituals, mantra chanting, religious singing circles, even large-scale events where the participants are often unaware of the implications of what is being said or enacted.

If you look online, you’ll find more information than you could possibly consume on why and how to connect to your guardian angels and so on. And there’s no doubt that it’s an attractive idea. Invoking, channeling, and asking for support can bring guidance, insights, connection, energy, adventure, even credibility.

What very few people are talking about, though, are the downsides and the risks associated with it. We made the decision over a decade ago not to call in, or interact with, any entities in our work. Here’s why.

#1: You don’t need beings from other dimensions in order to evolve and expand your consciousness.

There’s a reason that it isn’t a natural, straightforward process to make contact with them. It’s because you’re not meant to, and you don’t need to.

Your life, and your reality, are already giving everything you need to become the highest version of yourself. So, look at the situations in your life where you still feel negativity or resistance. Look at the relationships that seem challenging and complex. Look at the painful memories that you’re holding on to, the challenges you’re facing, and the dreams you have yet to achieve. These are your teachers. Each one is showing you your current limitations and presenting you with an opportunity to evolve into the next version of you.

Evolution is a matter of looking inwards, making the changes on the level of mind, body, and soul, and transforming your experience as you transform yourself. This is the game you’re in, and you already have everything you need to play it.

#2: You might not be calling in who you think.

This is especially true for the highest vibrational beings. You see, reality exists on various planes, or realms. Here’s a simplified version:

  • The physical realm: This is where your body, your environment, the earth, and the universe reside.

  • The astral realm: This dimension is connected to you through your emotions. It’s where you go when you dream, and it can be accessed through meditation. The lower astral realm includes entities that are generally negative and harmful to humans, and feed off of your lower emotions. The middle and higher astral realms include more benevolent entities.

  • The spiritual realm: This is where angels, enlightened beings, and ascended masters reside, and it’s connected to you on a soul level.

  • Infinity: This is the field of infinite potential that surrounds and interpenetrates all realms. It’s the background and the Source of existence.

Now, when a parasitic, lower astral being wants to make contact with humans, it won’t reveal its true nature at first. Instead, it will appear disguised as something else. What this means is that you might not know what you’re calling in until it’s too late.

When you open your field and consent for entities to make contact, it’s negative entities that have the highest incentive and ability to answer your call.

Higher astral beings generally follow a non-intervention principle, meaning they won’t interfere with humans unless they’re specifically requested, and even then, they’re less likely to answer the call because they know that they’re usually not needed (see #1).

As for beings in the spiritual realms, they simply don’t communicate directly with humans. This is because their vibrational frequency is too high for your nervous system to handle. Instead, they communicate through visions, dreams, inspired ideas, synchronicities, and, in rare cases, miracles.

So, unless you’re a highly advanced practitioner, we advise against calling anything in. Generally, the risks outweigh the benefits.

#3: Their support may come at a cost.

When you invoke a being, and they come to your support, this support usually doesn’t come free. Unless they are bodhisattvas (enlightened beings fully in service to the evolution and awakening of humanity), then you are making an energetic contract with that being and incurring a karmic debt to them. At some point, you’ll be asked to return the favour.

#4: You Can Go Straight to the Source.

Why go through a middle-man if you can get it wholesale? Through your subconscious mind and the power of your imagination, you’re connected to that field of infinity, the Source of all that exists. You have access to everything you can conceive of - in fact, you’re one with it! So, whatever it is that you’re looking for (guidance, manifesting, energy, support), you don’t need to look outside of yourself. Look within, believe you have it, and it’s already on its way to you.

Your subconscious mind is highly intelligent. It picks up on your suggestions and assumptions, no matter how subtle. When you look outside of yourself for anything, you’re assuming that you can’t create it for yourself, and your subconscious mind will pick up on that and make it your reality. We recommend the opposite. Claim your power. Assume your power, and it’s yours. Discover who you truly are. Uncover your full potential. Don’t ask your angels. Go straight to the Source within you, and you’ll receive all the support you need. Trust in yourself.

We’ve spent decades helping leaders and visionaries shed their limitations, step into their power, and awaken to who they truly are. If you want to accelerate your journey of evolution and Self-discovery, you can find us at, or you can book a 20-minute intro call today.

Stay in your power!

With love,

The Soul Doctors

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